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easy speedy lunches, cook together and get racing!
Lunch to fill up their tums
Lunch to fill up their tums
The kids are back at school, hooray! But when they're at
home at weekends and during the holidays, it's essential
to have some speedy, tasty lunch ideas to hand.
These take only a few minutes to make and are oh-so tasty!
Low cost lunches
vegetables and fruit
Inspire the kids in the kitchen
Inspire the kids in the kitchen
Sign up for our Cook Together meal plan and get the kids
involved in cooking simple, healthier meals together as a
family! Every week for 4 weeks you'll get 2 tasty recipes
with how-to videos, easy-to-follow instructions and fun
cooking hints and tips.
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The easy way to 5 a day
The easy way to 5 a day
Give your family a healthy boost and help them on their
way to 5 A Day. Choose from either our fruit plan or veg
plan and get 4 weekly emails packed full of simple hints,
tips and helpful shopping advice.
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Top tips to support the kids
Top tips to support the kids
For some children lots of change can feel hard to
manage. There are many different ways to help
children stay mentally healthy through uncertain
or difficult times. Visit Every Mind Matters for simple
tips and advice on talking to children about their
feelings, building positive routines and more.
Top tips this way
get a healthy start
Get a healthy start
Did you know that the value of Healthy Start vouchers is
increasing? This will be a real boost to help families buy
healthier food such as fruit and veg.
Do I qualify?
Cruz's training station
Cruz's training station
Cruz's training station
Race the kids to the finish line with this Cars-inspired shake up from Disney.
How to play:
1. Choose 1 person to pretend to be
Cruz Ramirez and one to be
Lightning McQueen.
2. Cruz Ramirez shouts out moves like
sit-ups, lunges and running on the spot. Lightning does each move for a count of 20 seconds.
3. After the 20 seconds are up, shout
out a new move - keep going until
you've done 10 moves.
Cruz's training station
Cruz's training station
Keep 'em clean
Keep the whole family safe by making sure you're all
washing your hands regularly. Our handwashing video
shows you how.
watch the video
Watch video
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